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Among the wide variety of tools I have explored for healing one of my favorite is my relationship with crystals and gem stones. Do you have friends that remind you to be more open or encourage you to make changes? In the same way that we are reminded by humans we can associate attitude and changes with rocks.


            We are vibrational beings and we have the ability to adjust our vibration simply by remembering that we can. I have found that different rocks remind me of what is possible within my self. With such a wide variety available you may be asking yourself which ones to use. Here are my basic guidelines for choosing a rock:


1.      Solid stones tend to remind us to slow down and be more focused.

2.      Transparent stones encourage us to speed up by bringing more light to the situation.

3.      The color of the stone associates with the Chakras and corresponds with the colors of the rainbow. Example:

                        7th – Violet

                        6th – Indigo

                        5th – Blue

                        4th – Green

                        3rd – Yellow

                        2nd – Orange

                        1st – Red


The color of the stone will determine which Chakra will be most stimulated.


4.      Clusters are favorable for environments with groups. Transparent clusters are inspirational for teams.

5.      Agates and multi-mineral specimens encourage the understanding of coexistence.


6.      Any type of Quartz will increase the presence of light and will invite clarity.



Now that you are collecting rocks, perhaps with the intention of creating healing in your life, you may be wondering how to use them.  They are a wonderful addition to any room by simply being present, again I remind you to think of other friends that you have that help you feel better just because they are there. I invite you to remember one of the basic guidelines, “transparent stones speeds the energy up, and solid stones calms it down”. This is a great starting place for deciding which stones go where. Think about what feeling you want in your room and bring the rocks that associate the feeling into your space. If you want more clarity in your meditation space I suggest any type/color of quartz, as they will all bring clarity and more light. If you want help calming down in your meditation space bring in the solid stones such as Tiger Eye, Onyx, Obsidian.


In the same way that a group of friends can be very helpful in many situations, I invite you to make what I call a “rock circle”. Bring together a handful of rocks and place them in a circle, listen to your intuition or ask the rocks where each wants to be. The larger the circle the stronger the energy, explore opening and closing the circle to see how the feelings change. If you spread them out far enough you can lie down inside of the circle, hang out there for a while and you may have some incredible insights. I always feel as if these are portals or doorways to other dimensions and I find there are amazing opportunities when I surrender to them. I invite you to gather your rocks together and take an adventure, you will be glad you did!




You find yourself in a shop surrounded by a wide assortment of beautiful rocks and you may ask, “Which one is for me?” Usually if you trust your instincts you will pick up exactly what your body wants. Ask your body how it feels about a rock when you hold it, if it feels comfortable it may be the one. Place it on your heart then listen and you might be surprised what you hear. Remember, you don’t have to buy every rock that say’s it wants to come home with you. You can always choose to spend a moment together and then go on. Learn to experience rocks for however long they are in your life. Once you have met one, you can tune in and remember what you felt and experience the essence of the rocks. This technique will help your bank account while still teaching you to be in touch intuitively in order to benefit from the rocks. That said I still enjoy the many rocks in my collection and I have come to appreciate them all as healing friends.



Integration is important. Learning how to coexist and cooperate, this is a huge part of life. Take a look at the mineral world and see how many different types of rocks live together in harmony. Some share the same patch of earth, others blend together completely within the same space. We can learn a lot from this.


            Clusters of any type of stone represent coexistence at its finest. You can witness an Amethyst quartz cluster and stare at it forever in awe of the details and perfection of each little crystal. Although many may look the same if you take time to check them out you will see each is a little different due to its position on the rock. Bring a cluster of crystals into a work space where many people are asked to cooperate and you will add clarity and light to your situation. It will remind you there is always room for the differences between others and there is plenty of room for everyone on this rock. Pick your color depending on which chakra energy you want to add.


            Agates represent situations where all elements need to fully integrate and move as one. You can see how the minerals are layered with each other and how they create a beautiful manifestation of matter. The bands of color, although different, weave together and create extraordinary images. The lesson here is to trust we can work together and create our lives with harmony. Feel the smoothness of the agates and consider this to be the reward of integration.