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Reverend Eileen Lock, Spiritual Intuitive


until December 24

One-hour sessions $50

Sessions can be taken by phone, video chat or in my home.

Redeemable after January 1st 2019

If you would like a copy of a paper certificate

that you can print out

simply send me an email at





 In  the past this has been an "unlimited" number of sessions program for a single donation but I have become so busy in this last year that it is time for me to make adjustments. The new program offers 10 sessions for your $500 donation.I am also offering a $1000 program which would give you 22 sessions, adding 2 extra sessions.

Overall I believe this new program still provides the best opportunity for you to receive guidance during these extremely changing times and to learn tools that will help you for many years to come. You can use these sessions for yourself or share them with others.

If you are interested in joining this program and would like more infortmation please feel free to contact me at


To make a donation simply use the Paypal button below or you can send a check to 

Oneheart Ministry

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Your donations are appreciated!


 I have been involved in metaphysical studies since I was a teenager. My diverse background includes Astrology, Clairvoyance, Spirit Communication, Tarot, Numerology, Reiki and Crystal / Gemstone Healing. My spiritual counseling may involve any of these tools as my sessions are sponteneous. My intention is always to lift your spirit and inspire you to remember that you are love and in doing this healing can occur.

Private sessions are available by appointment,



The purpose of establishing this ministry and ultimately a church is to provide multiple opportunities for as many people as possible to be able to hear inspirational words and participate in activities that are healing for the soul. I look forward to manifesting a heartfelt space for our community to come together for a wide variety of experiences. With the support of the ministry many people will be able to participate in these activities with ease. The Oneheart Ministry, with my self as the Minister will continue to create programs which promote love, joy and laughter. I believe that in bringing more joy to the people of our world we lift the spirits of those around us. 


The History of the Oneheart Ministry

I have been an ordained minister with the

Universal Life Church since 1978.

The Oneheart Ministry was offical registered with the State of Oregon on January 11, 2006.

Your donations are appreciated and are tax free.

All donations of $250 or more will receive a letter to be filed with the IRS.

Feel free to use the Paypal link below to make a donation




Relax, and Open your heart