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What's New at The One Heart Ministry

This program is designed to

raise funds for those who are recovering

from pain and/or fearful experiences

and to send them on wonderful journeys

 that are uplifting and healing.

I am excited to announce

we met our goal for a second trip!

Dolphin Extravaganza, Indianapolis Zoo

July 23rd - 27th, 2007


           These funds supported 5 Cancer survivors from the Central Oregon area to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to participate in a Dolphin Extravaganza.  

 Their trip  included:

Round-trip airfare to Indianapolis, 4 nights at the Holiday Inn Express and necessary zoo admission fees. While visiting the Zoo, each participant will also experience close encounters with the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. There will be a variety of healing and laughter workshops offered throughout our time together, including time spent in the Underwater Dolphin Dome, the only one of its kind in our country.


These funds also provide for 4 facilitators:

Eileen Lock – Clairvoyant Astrologer, Spiritual Medium- Reiki Master

Judy Kell – Vibrational Healer - Reiki Master

Lydia Gonzales – Certified Laughter Leader - Giggle Fairypist

Julie Kell-PAulding - RN - Spiriitual Medium - Reiki Master



We look forward to providing more opportunitie for as many people as possible in the future.

This program is very important to many people and we appreciate your support.


We have more trips planned for the future which include:


those who lovingly put their lives on hold to take care of those they love.

My dream is for 2 seperate programs:

The first one is for the caregivers who are still taking care of their Loved Ones

and they simply need quiet time away.

For this group I see 2 weeks in Kauai simply resting and enjoying the quiet


The second program is for those who are done and need to get their joy back.

For this group I see several days at Disneyland/California Adventure or DisneyWorld



And more…

All of these journeys will be gifts to people in our community who are healing from difficult experiences.

This will allow them to feel supported and enjoy time laughing and healing.

This is your opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone in our community who has experienced physical challenges and is in the process of healing. Your tax-free spiritual donations will support this experience and other journeys in the future, and will be appreciated by many.


As we lift our spirits, we lift the spirits of those around us.


Thank you for considering our program, your support is appreciated.

please send donations by check to:

Oneheart Ministry
1471 NW Newport Ave.
Bend, Or 97701

You can also use the Paypal link

below to make a donation




These are the LYSAH Girls from 2006



Here's most of our group from 2006!






We all heal when we help each other.